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Top Episcopal Resources on Twitter

Are you new to twitter and looking for news, ideas, prayers, and humor related to the Episcopal Church?   Here is a list of good  “tweeters”  for Episcopalians, or a big #followfriday or #ff list, if you are a twitter veteran.

Please note: The description for each Twitter  account below is from the “bio” of the account.

Churchwide Episcopal Organizations

The Episcopal Church ‏ @episcopalchurch In concert with @iamepiscopalian we tweet for The Episcopal Church

Episcopal Church ‏ @iamepiscopalian The Episcopal Church welcomes you to our Twitter page!

Episcopal Rel & Dev ‏ @EpiscopalRelief  As the Episcopal Church’s response to human suffering, we provide disaster relief and promote sustainable development by addressing the root causes of poverty

ECF Vital Practices ‏ @ECFVP Building on the Vestry Papers articles that have inspired Episcopalians since 1995, ECF Vital Practices is an online hub for sharing tools and best practices.

ECF ‏ @ECF815 ECF helps Episcopal faith communities develop the leadership and financial resources they need to pursue their mission and ministry

EpiscoYouth ‏ @EpiscoYouth Bronwyn Clark Skov, Youth Ministries Officer of The Episcopal Church, hoping to connect with you in the pew! #episcoyouth ‏ @tensgiving Inspiring Generosity and Faithful Discipleship for Leaders within the Episcopal Network of Churches, Diocese, and Ministries
Integrity USA ‏ @integrityusa All the sacraments for all the baptized in The Episcopal Church!
Acts 8 Moment ‏ @Acts8Moment The Episcopal Church is in an Acts 8 Moment! The time to follow the Holy Spirit is now!
Kanuga Conferences ‏ @kanuga An #Episcopal #camp and conference center open to all in the #BlueRidgeMountains of Western North Carolina

Prayer, Meditation, Hymns, and Saints

The Virtual Abbey ‏ @Virtual_Abbey We believe spiritual life transcends boundaries of time and place. Our online community prays the Daily Office via Twitter.
Edited to add a note from Virtual Abbess, Meredith Gould (@MeredithGould): “Our online ecumenical community prays the Daily Office via Twitter. All are welcome.”

Episcopal Calendar ‏ @eccalendar Calendar according to Holy Women, Holy Men of the Episcopal Church of the United States. Maintained by a lay twitterer, unaffiliated with the Commission.

Forward Movement ‏ @ForwardDayByDay An official, non-profit publisher for the Episcopal Church, publishing resources for prayer, newcomers, and parish ministry.
Daily Office ‏ @ADailyOffice The BoCP Daily Office Rite II morning and evening prayer for your use. Updates are sent each day.
Morning Prayers ‏ @dailymp A short prayer each morning, usually adapted from the Book of Common Prayer
Episcopal Prayer ‏ @EpiscopalShare Short prayers adapted from the 1979 Book of Common Prayer, three times a day. (disclosure – this is my project account)
CommonPrayer .org ‏ @commonprayerorg is an independent, private ministry of resources related to the 1928 Book of Common Prayer and featuring Daily Morning & Evening Prayer
The Lord Be With You ‏ @TheLordBWithU This familiar statement is a call to prayer. Here you can follow The Daily Office, read & post prayers, read daily meditations & more.
Early Church Daily ‏ @Early_Church Church Fathers: St. Augustine, St. Chrysostom, St. Ignatius, Irenaeus, Athanasius, St. Cyril, Tertullian, St. Basil, St. Ambrose, St. Jerome, Cyprian, etc!

News and Discussion

The Episcopal Cafe ‏ @episcopalcafe This is the Twitterfeed for the Episcopal Cafe, monitored by Jim Naughton.

Episcopal Dgtl Ntwrk ‏ @EDNTweets Episcopal Digital Network delivers news, information and branded entertainment to church leaders, members and general audiences. Tweets by DFMS staff.

Episcopal Episcopal Bookstore ‏ @episcopalbooks The Episcopal Bookstore is an independent retail bookstore, specializing in meeting the needs of the liturgical Christian reader.

Ask The Priest ‏ @AskThePriest A few Episcopal priests try to answer your questions.
The EPPN ‏ @TheEPPN TheEPPN=Episcopal Public Policy Network. Empowering the ministry of public policy advocacy.
House of Deputies ‏ @HouseDeps News, information, and resources for lay and clergy Deputies to the Episcopal Church’s triennial General Convention and other interested people.
ENSTF ‏ @episcosci Episcopal Network for Science, Technology & Faith (ENSTF) …for Episcopalians interested in the intersection of science, technology, medicine, and faith.


Lent Madness ‏ @LentMadness The beloved Lenten sainty-smackdown. Who will win the Golden Halo?
Unvirtuous Abbey ‏ @UnvirtuousAbbey Holier than thou, but not by much. Digital monks praying for first world problems. From our keyboard to God’s ears. This is a parody account for religious humor.
Anglican Humour ‏ @anglicanmemes Tea and cake or death? A light hearted humour site about the Church of England. Run by @vahva, Satirist in [email protected] & meme [email protected]
ChurchSnob ‏ @ChurchSnobTEC A fond thing, vainly inven
Hipster Episcopalian ‏ @hipsterTEC occupy the episcopal church – i guess i’ve emerged past the title ‘emergent’.

Major Churches and Cathedrals

Trinity Wall Street ‏ @TrinityWallSt Historic Episcopal parish in NYC includes Trinity Church and St. Paul’s Chapel; seeding, funding, convening for a world of good.
National Cathedral ‏ @WNCathedral WNC features stained glass windows, Gothic architecture, tours, worship services, lectures, musical events, etc. We welcome those of all faiths & perspectives.
Grace Cathedral ‏ @gracecathedral Grace Cathedral is the Cathedral of the Episcopal Diocese of California, and an iconic house of prayer for all – locally, nationally and internationally.

I previously posted a  list of Episcopal clergy active on twitter, if you are looking for more sources of news, ideas, prayers, and humor.

Please feel free to suggest other good “tweeters” in the comments! I would like to find a few good “tweeters” of Bible quotes. Thanks!

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3 thoughts on “Top Episcopal Resources on Twitter

  1. Katharine Jefferts Schori says:

    We’re not a “national” church, but an international one. 90% of our members and dioceses may be in the US, but we are also in 16 other nations. “Churchwide” is a much more helpful descriptor, but somebody out there may be able to come up with others!

    • Episcopal Prayers for Sharing says:

      Thank you for the correction. I will change “national” to “churchwide” in this post and the other previous posts. St. Tims and the Diocese of Missouri work with the Diocese of Lui in Southern Sudan, and I should have remembered that and other Episcopal Churches outside of the US.
      Thanks Again!
      Laura Catalano

  2. Zack Adams says:

    Hello Laura! As with the Facebook resources page, would you add The Episcopal Church Development Office to your Twitter list? We can be found here:


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