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Praying In Color Resources

Have you heard of praying in color?

It was something unfamiliar to me until a few months ago when a friend on twitter, The Rev. Lori Johnson, posted about a caim prayer she had done as a drawing.  I loved the prayer, and thought it would be  a great idea for me and my kids to try. It’s an activity that is good for those of us who need to stay active and moving to stay focused on a task.

Praying in color is a great activity for kids and adults alike. It is a great way to stay focused and create something beautiful at the same time.

Do you doodle?

After seeing praying in color activities again this weekend in the Diocese of Missouri Sabbath room, I asked for some more resources.  Here is Lori’s list.

Praying in Color: Getting Started Resources

1. Check out the Praying in Color website HERE! It has animated prayer doodles!  Super cool!

2. Watch this Praying in Color getting started video HERE!  It will show you how to introduce the subject to a class and also has some great general teaching tips.

3. Order the Praying in Color book HERE.

4. Also learn more about the Celtic caim or encircling prayer HERE.  It’s a versatile prayer that is great for drawing.

prayer in color

Here is an example of a prayer in color based on the Celtic caim or encircling prayer. Lori discovered that this type of prayer is particularly good for drawing.

6 thoughts on “Praying In Color Resources

  1. John Whitney says:

    When my parish, St. Matthias Episcopal Church in East Aurora, NY, did a praying in color session for the Sunday School program, I wrote this little song to introduce the session. http://www.soundclick.com/bands/page_songInfo.cfm?bandID=644855&songID=11896165

    I’ve shared it with Sybil. Not sure if she’s had an opportunity to try it out in any other settings. Notation or lead sheet available on request.

    • Laura Catalano says:

      Thanks for sharing!

  2. Connie Denninger says:

    Sybil is a dear friend and I have been teaching PIC for about 6 years- this is one of the ways that I find to bless others- here are copies of the prayers that I send to those we serve-


    • Laura Catalano says:

      Thanks for sharing!

  3. Connie Denninger says:

    whoops wrong copy and paste that link is to the Kingdom Impact Team that I am building – here is the Praying in color pin board-http://www.pinterest.com/cdenninger/praying-for-the-southeastern-district/

    • Laura Catalano says:

      That’s a beautiful pinterest board!


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