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Connect to Episcopal Church Services Online

Are you stuck at home because of bad weather or illness? There are many great resources for staying connected to Episcopal Church services online.  Here are a few of them:

Live Streaming Video of Worship

Trinity Wall Street

Washington National Cathedral

Daily Office West

Daily Morning and Evening Prayer

Unapologetically Episcopalian on Facebook

Mission St. Clare  website or Facebook page

Sermons and Scripture Reflections

Forward Day by Day

Episcopal Cafe


2 thoughts on “Connect to Episcopal Church Services Online

  1. Absolutely love the new design for this blog; so much easier to read. Even more to the point, I’m [insert overblown adverb] by your timed coordination with the Holy Spirit — in my life.

    This morning I woke up thinking I should write a post for my #epatient community and colleagues about the “loneliness of the long distance illness” and how churches need to step up — and get more creative — about efforts to reach those of us who just cannot attend church building as often as we’d like.

    As ever, I’m grateful for your vision, especially relative to communications ministry.

    • I decided to write this post quickly Sunday morning as most of out local churches canceled worship services because of a snow storm. I also know many families that get caught at home with the cold, flu, stomach bug season in the winter, so I thought this list would help there too…and anyone with chronic illness.

      Our neighboring Episcopal congregation, Church of the Good Shepherd, Town and Country, MO received a ($10K or maybe $20K) grant to set up live streaming, recording, and webcasting of worship services. That combined with a dedicated communications team has brought them success. As with all thing techy, prices are reducing quickly and I think it will become easier for average congregations to use this technology.

      Thank you for all of your encouragement and guidance on the blog! I have been changing the theme on this blog every few weeks now, and I think I will stick with this one for a while. I like the the font and slider on the front page.


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