Quick Tip: Use Your Windows!

Are you looking for a source of images to use on for your church website and social media? Take a set of photos of your stained glass windows and other artwork found around your church and keep them in a stock photos folder on your computer.

St. Timothy’s has a beautiful set of 17 windows that was installed in 2008. There is a set of windows in the sacristy depicting the themes of the liturgical seasons, and a set of windows in the sanctuary depicting prayers from the Book of Common Prayer. Here are some things I do with the pictures of the windows:

  • Use window picture of the current liturgical season for our Facebook profile photo
  • Post the weekly collect, prayer, or scripture quote with an appropriate window photo or  a close-up detail photo
  • Post photos of light coming through the windows at different times of day
  • Use pictures of single color sections of glass as background images for graphics with text

The same thing could be done with any artwork in your church such as tapestries, carvings, sculptures, or even vestments.  There are many possibilities!

red and blue stained glass

Morning light through the creation window at St. Timothy’s Creve Coeur.

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