[Beginners Guide] – How Do The Tarot Cards Work?

Tarot cards are one form of divination. They are used to evaluate influences around a person and to measure potential outcomes. Tarot readers believe that absolute prediction of future is not possible. Tarot cards provide a person with useful information so that he/she can make an informed decision.


Spread is the arrangement of cards. The positions in a spread are linked to a different aspect of the question asked. The most common spreads are the Three Fates and the Celtic Cross. The Three Fates deal with three cards. Each card represents past, present and future.  The Celtic Cross has ten cards which includes things like influences, conflicting influences, personal hopes, etc.

Major and Minor Arcana

There are two types of decks in a standard tarot; Major and Minor Arcana. The Minor Arcana is similar to playing normal cards. They have four suits, each having one card for 1 to 10. The face cards are referred to as king, queen, knight and page. The Major Arcana cards have their own meanings. These include things like Strength, Devil, the Hanged Man, Temperature, the Fool and Death.

Sources of Knowledge

Ideas are unique for each reader and it depends on their power or talent.  In case of many psychics the talent is inherent to understand the universe using the cards. Some readers say Gods or other supernatural beings helped placing the cards in order. There are some readers who actually don’t know how it works; they are able to read automatically.

Power of  the Cards

It is unlikely that anyone could pick a deck of tarot cards and give a meaningful reading. Many times these cards are considered not to have any power of its own. They are only used as visual cues by the reader. There are other readers who believe that Tarot cards have some power which combines with the reader’s ability to produce answers.

The psychic’s instinctive feelings along with Tarot can give an accurate psychic reading. Are you still confused about this whole thing? Watch this 10min demo and you’ll understand it fairly quickly.

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