Guide To Detecting A Fake Psychic Reader

psychic predictionsGenuine people who take part in psychic readings have helped people know their future and other things affecting their lives. They simply see things beyond the natural; hence they can be relied on when there is need to.

However, as you can see, the world has entered a different phase altogether. What was originally true psychic reading is now abused by a few individuals who don’t care about the emotional and psychological damages they are causing the victim; thanks to greed which has entered the human race at large.

If you’re interesting in the topic of psychic readings, you already know that there are true psychic readers, and then there are those who call themselves psychic readers when they are not.

Luckily, experience has taught us to separate genuine from the fake. You will be surprised when you continue reading this.

Your star sign or date of birth

Have you come across an online psychic reader who is asking for the date you were born or even your star sign?  You might be surprised that such kind of individuals will look for your background information to use as a guide.

So once you tell them your star or date of birth, they will look it up in the dailies for the day’s astrology readings. They will type it back putting the information in a different way, so it will look like they are supernaturally reading your life.

They will ask your location and age

If they can have details of where you live plus your age, they will definitely gather clues as to what may be going on around you.

The place you live in can say a lot about your social life, education, work class and other life details in general. So the moment they get this information, they will use it as a basis for their readings. And with such, the results will be flawed since each individual is unique in their own right. You cannot have someone making a blanket judgment on you based on environmental factors. So this results in a scam.

More promises

Fake people will promise that they can bring back your lost lover by way of spells, candles, etc. But realize that these things are designed to inflate your budget.

If they tell you that you have some form of curse, or that your family and friends have been cursed, this is a sure sign that you’ve found people who abuse psychic readings for personal gains. These people want to use the power of fear, directing it to the people you really cherish. They do this to make money off your pocket.

White lies

Another sign that you’re facing a fraudulent psychic is when they tell you they are internationally recognized, and that they’ve served a few Hollywood stars. The fact is, if they were this famous, your family or friends would have heard about them. But now it looks like they only have a website and that’s it, no traces of them elsewhere. This should raise a red flag.

When they refuse to be asked questions

Beware of people who refrain from being asked questions that you alone know the answer to. If they are real, they should be able to do a general reading first. They should be able to know your past, present and future with some great depth of knowledge that only you or the people around you are aware of. This is where psychic reading gets interesting.


Of course you should use a combination of the five points above to ascertain whether or not they are genuine. Also, you should trust the direction where your instinct is taking you.


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