Oneida Casino Hotel Green Bay WI

A remarkable sight to behold when visiting the city of Green Bay, Wisconsin is the Oneida Casino Hotel which was formerly known as the Iron Palace. It was known by other names such as the Copper Cream Palace, The Jewel of the Great Lakes, or simply The Big Red Machine, and before it became known as the Oneida Casino Hotel, it was the Ashok’s House, a hotel that is located near the current location.

Back in the early 20th century, Oneida Casino Hotel was at the center of the thriving mining industry in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Known for the high quality of its furniture, Oneida was one of the first hotels to use the newly developed fire proof construction technique to build the interior of the rooms. The facility itself was also very spacious, boasting a pool table, a billiard room, and a lounge area that included radio and telephone lines.

However, after the mines closed down in the early 1950s, the casino hotel was in a decline. The city then tried to bring in new business to the area, but failed to do so. In fact, the economy of the city suffered tremendously, and the hotels around Green Bay would eventually shut down.

For quite some time, the Oneida Casino Hotel remained in ruins. It was not until 1991 that the property was redone, and it was then refurbished for entertainment purposes. Even after all this, it was not until 1997 that the Oneida Casino Hotel became the Oneida Casino Hotel Green Bay WI. Over the years, the hotel has been turned into a luxury hotel that offers a wide variety of services, such as the spa, indoor swimming pool, an outdoor bar, and a cuisine that make one’s mouth water.

The Oneida Casino Hotel Green Bay WI was renovated because the city was in dire need of a better business environment. The hotels that were close to downtown became the hangouts for drunks and vice, and thus it was deemed necessary to improve the infrastructure that was in place to make sure that they would keep it clean.

In Green Bay, the same benefits apply to business visitors. By restoring the one to the casino hotel, it serves as a great place to stay while making business visits to the region. Green Bay is known for being a place where one can experience good quality hotel service and entertainment, and Oneida Casino Hotel Green Bay WI serves as such a great opportunity for tourists to make their stay a good one.

Amongst the amenities available inside the Oneida Casino Hotel are a banquet hall, a restaurant, and the high speed wireless internet access that allow customers to visit websites while enjoying a great meal. There is also a casino room with an eight wheel poker table that can be rented by customers on site, which allows them to relax while enjoying some card games in their hotel room.

With a good night’s sleep in Green Bay, a perfect cocktail in the Oneida Casino Hotel, and a great meal in the restaurant, there is no reason why a business traveler would not want to return to the Green Bay area every once in a while. The one casino offers a wide range of options that every business traveler can take advantage of. If a traveler is looking for a great hotel service, a beautiful, spacious room, a state of the art hotel with luxurious amenities, or just a place to unwind during business trips, then the Oneida Casino Hotel Green Bay WI is the one to go to.