Visit the Oneida Casino Hotel Green Bay

Oneida Casino Hotel Green Bay is one of the newest of the hotels in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Located just a few blocks away from the historic Davenport Hotel, the hotel is a modernized upscale hotel that is only a block away from the Lambeau Field Packers home field. The hotel offers accommodations for everyone from the guest who just wants to relax and unwind to the family who wants to use the indoor children’s playground.

Walking from the hotel will take you to many great shops and restaurants that are located within a few blocks of the hotel. Many of the shops are located right on the river with a lot of water and are surrounded by magnificent parks. This way everyone will be able to enjoy the parks and shops found in Green Bay and enjoy the warm summer night air and Riverside breeze.

If you are interested in fishing, there are many options for you in Green Bay. There are great spots for great fishing right in the center of town where you can also relax and have dinner at one of the many restaurants located around town. There are also many very large lakes right in town that you can use for fishing as well.

If you have never been to Green Bay before, there are many things that you will enjoy about it. The architecture is reminiscent of a castle and you will find that the town and buildings are very well kept and safe. It is only a short distance from downtown to the Davenport Hotel, where you can find many other opportunities for shopping, dining and the casinos.

One of the more popular shops that is located inside the Oneida Casino Hotel is the Pottery Barn department store. When you walk into the store you will see that the shop has been well cared for and is not overcrowded. Inside you will see various pottery pieces as well as children’s wares and even some of the world famous teapots from Italy.

When you visit the Oneida Casino Hotel, you can take advantage of the beauty that Green Bay has to offer. You can get in a boat ride around the lake and take in the view as you glide down the water. You can get up close and personal with the fish while you wait for your meal.

Another great thing about the Oneida Casino Hotel is that they have a special room that is completely in the spirit of what Green Bay is all about. This room has everything that you would need for a relaxing day out at the lake. Inside you will find a comfortable lounge chair with an electric fireplace to put out under a bright white blanket on the couch to sit on while watching the fire in the lake.

With so many great things to do in Green Bay, you will have a hard time deciding where to go. The Oneida Casino Hotel in Green Bay is only a short drive away from the Davenport Hotel, where you can use their indoor children’s playground or enjoy the barbeque area and watch your favorite team play in the stands. A trip to Green Bay is an experience that you will never forget.