Oneida Casino Restaurant – A Place To Go When You Have Your Kids

Oneida Casino Restaurant – A Place To Go When You Have Your Kids

Oneida Casino Restaurant is a nice place to eat. You can dine in and take your kids for a walk or you can sit down to dinner. For more than a decade the restaurant has entertained people. As the name suggests, it is on the bank of the river Oneida.

The casino restaurant is home to seven tables. It is also used as an indoor playground for kids. You can go in and get out as many times as you like. There are large colorful screens on the wall so that you can watch them while you are eating. The food here is good but if you like Japanese food, you will probably not find this establishment’s menu to your liking.

The old style bar at this location is located inside the dining room. It has a fun jukebox that you can hit to hear some nice tunes. The liquor menu includes Dr. Pepper, Budweiser, and beer. There is also a cheese plate that serves cheeses. It’s quite tasty and if you want some drinks, they have a variety of sodas and bottled water.

Oneida County Tourism is a very big player in this area. There are a number of facilities for tourists to see. The Casino Restaurant has been known to draw visitors from all over the area.

It is a nice place to go with your family and not feel alone. You can sit at one of the restaurants indoors or outside. This place is not for the adventurous eater because they cannot eat what they like in the “room”.

Oneida Casino Restaurant is located on North Beach Road, just outside the front entrance of the Oneida Lake Casino. It is not too far from the Oneida Town Park andMeadowlands Center. That is a nice place to hang out for a nice summer afternoon.

If you are planning to eat there, make sure that you park your car at the Oneida Lake lot. You can park there and then go into the Oneida Lake Casino. A shuttle will pick you up and take you to the restaurant.

There are plenty of activities that you can do while at Oneida. The Oneida Recreation Center is nearby. The Two Rivers Cultural Center offers various performances, and the Oneida Historical Society and Museum are nearby. You can take a trip to this beautiful town and enjoy a nice meal and activities.