Evangelism 101

Being active on social media is a great way to let your family and friends know about your faith and church. You are probably already doing evangelism anytime to say or show…

  • here is my church
  • this is why I love it
  • these great things are happening here

The next step would be to share sermons, prayers, meditations, and more.

Here are some suggestions for how you may start to use social media as a tool for evangelism.

1.  Check – In at your church on Facebook or Foursquare

2. Take a group photo at a church social event and tag your friends

3.  Share public event announcements – fish fries, concerts, rummage sales, etc.

4.  Follow and share posts from church organizations and ministries (here is a list of  more than 100 Episcopal Church facebook pages to follow)






2 thoughts on “Evangelism 101

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  2. John Thomas says:

    These ideas are certainly starters, but Evangelism goes much further, getting to know your neighbor (the person who lives next to you– not just where your church building is), inviting them to break bread together. Listening to people without an agenda to get them into your church, instead finding where God is already at work in your neighborhood, being present and listening, learning and participating in God’s work. This creates the kin-dom of heaven here and now, and people will see the difference in your life, the difference of the Holy Spirit and want to be a part of the beloved community: away from church growth, and into a true welcoming. This may lead to an increase in members, or more participants in para-church communities (new monasticism, house church plants, etc) but is the byproduct of being focused on Christ. The Episcopal Church is so wonderful in showing God’s inclusive love, as a church that embraces all, and I believe empowering the laity (through the above, and with the growth of the diaconate) will help those who hurt and change the world in Christ’s name.


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