How To

Are you thinking of hosting a Social Media Sunday?

Social Media Sunday is an adaptable idea. It is something that can be done locally, regionally, or globally.

Some keys to success we noticed on our #Episcopal Social Media Sunday on June 29, 2014:

  • Worry less about all of the fine details and more about spreading word of the event via social networks
  • Leave some room for the Holy Spirit to do her work
  • Trust
  • Leave things open ended
  • Be prepared to answer the same questions over and over

How Can My Parish Host A Social Media Sunday?
There are many unique ways to hold a Social Media Sunday. Depending on your parish, you may want to:
-Identify one or more members who are veteran social media users to answer questions
-Host an adult forum on social media and the church (see my social media workshop plan)
-Provide a social media help desk where you have your social media experts answer questions about using social media

How Can I Host A Regional or Global Event?

Prepare shareable graphics and text and spread them widely!

We love to use to make graphics for social media – quick and easy.

Here are some example graphics:

Click on the photo for a larger version.

Click on the photo for a larger version.

Here are More  Example Announcements and Poster

Some Cautions
-Many people have had a negative experience on social media or have concerns about privacy.  Be prepared to address these concerns prior to your event.
-Some parishes do not welcome smartphone use during  worship services.  Please use your best judgement and discuss this issue with members of your community before the event.

-It may be best to wait until coffee hour or other social times to tweet or share. Social media works well during social times at church.


Finally – Have Something Sweet To Eat!
-Bring the fixings for some real sundaes for all to share
-Bake some twitter cookies
-Bake some peanut butter cookies with crossed fork marks for hashtags

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