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Top Episcopal Church Resource Pages on Facebook

There are many good Episcopal pages on facebook. If you are administering a facebook page for your church it is a good idea to “like” many of these pages and follow them in your newsfeed. These pages will provide “shareable” content for your page and also give an example of best practices to follow. Here are some of the best Episcopal pages on facebook. Continue reading

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Social Media Name Tag for Church

Here is a quick way to spread the word that your church is on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, etc…. make a new name tag. Continue reading

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To Tweet, or Not To Tweet in Church Worship? Practical Considerations

There are many benefits to using social media in church worship services. As the person responsible for most of the facebook posts and tweets for my church, I have learned that there are practical limitations to trying to use social media while still actively participating in a worship service. Continue reading

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Two Easy to Use Online Tools for Churches: Doodle and Dropbox

The parishioners at my church have a wide range of tech-savvy, so I like to pick online tools that are easy to use for everyone. Over the past two years, I have been using Doodle to schedule events and Dropbox to share files. Continue reading

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DOs and DON’Ts of Prayers on a Church Facebook Page

The type of prayers I post on my church Facebook page is the subject of ongoing conversation in my church community. I do not want to “overshare” on my church’s Facebook page and have parishioners no longer feel safe to share personal needs within our church community. Some people may welcome public prayer for their concerns, while others may feel their privacy has been violated through sharing of public prayer. Parishioners are always free to request prayers and pray for others on their personal facebook pages, and in person, via email, etc.

Here is a list of Dos and Don’ts and Maybes I am currently using to post on my church’s Facebook page. Continue reading

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Setting up a Weekly Schedule for Church Facebook Posts

I am starting to set a regular weekly schedule of posts for my church. I hope this will help me speed up the process of creating posts, and also allow our followers to know what to expect. Our congregation seems to be most active on Facebook on weekday evenings, Saturday mornings, and Sunday afternoons. I try to post at these times, so our news is at the top of their “newsfeed” when they log-in. Continue reading